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In the old days, people would take a big wooden soapbox, drop it down on a street corner, step up on it, and begin talking about anything they had on their minds. Hence the term soap box became THE expression to describe the process of shouting out to the world whatever it was that one wished to share.

Ever since I was a very little boy, as early as 2 years old, I was into reading magazines about cars. Of course I don't think I could read at that time yet but I would browse through them looking at the photos. 
It helped that I grew up surrounded by car enthusiasts and for as long as I can remember, and even to this day, I would hang out in the garage and sit inside a car. When I was a little boy I would sit only in the drivers seat of a stationary car and pretend to drive, complete with a radio for my driving pleasure. I was notorious for running down car batteries then but being the first male child and grandchild has its perks, one of which was the adults would just let me indul…

Wigo vs Jeepney. A tragic and alarming outcome

The video below from ABS CBN news shows the tragic result of a collision between a jeepney and a Toyota Wigo.
Both occupants of the Wigo died while those in the jeepney survived.
This result led me to wonder why a newer car with safety equipment to boot, would result in such fatalities. Clearly the crumple zones of newer cars would appear to sustain more damage in order to absorb energy that would otherwise be transferred to the occupants. But why did it kill those in the car?
I suddenly remembered a video from NCAP which does crash testing for auto manufacturers worldwide and they tested two identical cars, manufactured in two different plants. In one car, the occupants would have survived while in the other one, both sustained life threatening injuries. The only difference was the country of manufacture.
Could it be a factor in this crash?
I know the Wigo has been crash tested with relatively decent results. Perhaps crash testing the Wigo's being sold in the Philippines should …

The New BMW X3

This BMW is on the shortlist of my sister as a replacement for one of her SUVs. It will be her first BMW too.

Decided to do a little surfing of my own and thought I'd share it here too.

Ferrari 308 Buyers Guide

I was surfing around checking for the value of the Ferrari 308 that was launched in Paris when I came across this site.

Ferrari 308 Buyers Guide

It's by no means exhaustive, but its got a lot of useful information to gearheads.

In the meantime I still haven't found the value of the blue green 308 in Paris ;-)

Ferrari - 70 Years of Emotion video

Though I finished the post about the Ferrari 812 Superfast less than an hour ago, I just had to share this video commemorating 70 years of Ferrari cars.

It's simple, to the point but awesome.


Just in time for the 70th year of Ferrari, the successor to the F12 Berlinetta has arrived in the form of the 812 Superfast. Its an evolution of the F12 design which was already beautiful to begin with.
The 812 builds on that, modifying the lines of the F12 so that the 812 comes out as decidedly aggressive. I suppose if you owned the F12, you'd keep it to use as a sort of  "Gentleman's Express" while the 812 Superfast is what you'd use to sow chaos on the road. With nearly 800 hp (789) on tap, this Ferrari lives up to its name.

Here is the official video from the Ferrari Channel

Ferrari put together an awesome site just for the 812 which you can access here
The photos below came from the Ferrari site and there’s much more material on the official site  that’s sure to keep Ferrari enthusiasts busy.

The NEW Porsche Panamera

The old Panamera was the butt of many a joke in the old Top Gear show featuring Jeremy Clarkson and company. Somehow, none of the hosts had a kind word to say styling wise about it.
Personally. while I didn't find the car scintillating, it certainly didn't strike me as ugly. In fact, seeing the car in the flesh actually invokes a positive emotional response to its "sedan with Porsche power" looks that cannot be described but is something car enthusiasts know. 
But the new Panamera shown in these videos is a different story altogether. It is, to me, a very attractive large sports sedan. Its not a "shooting brake" type of car, its more like a true long wheelbase 911. Very well executed considering that its not a massive departure from the old. 
Perhaps Jeremy might find this one to be a vindication of sorts for the Porsche Panamera. 

I initially thought that the Panamera would boot a mainstay off my vision board but after poring over the Porsche site, I  rea…