Wigo vs Jeepney. A tragic and alarming outcome

The video below from ABS CBN news shows the tragic result of a collision between a jeepney and a Toyota Wigo.

Both occupants of the Wigo died while those in the jeepney survived.

This result led me to wonder why a newer car with safety equipment to boot, would result in such fatalities. Clearly the crumple zones of newer cars would appear to sustain more damage in order to absorb energy that would otherwise be transferred to the occupants. But why did it kill those in the car?

I suddenly remembered a video from NCAP which does crash testing for auto manufacturers worldwide and they tested two identical cars, manufactured in two different plants. In one car, the occupants would have survived while in the other one, both sustained life threatening injuries. The only difference was the country of manufacture.

Could it be a factor in this crash?

I know the Wigo has been crash tested with relatively decent results. Perhaps crash testing the Wigo's being sold in the Philippines should be done as well.

After, a life should be worth the same regardless of nationality. 


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